• jennieb

Song of the Week - "Remedy" - MRVLZ & Gytlaz

I do love some bass. I'm also hearing a trend toward house that I'm fully embracing - other top contenders for this week's song were "Just Can't Wait" by Sam Redmore ft. Lumi HD, and "Snap Out" by Massimiliano Pagliara ft. Snax. Snap Out especially is scootching out early 90s LA Florentine Gardens vibes. But Remedy gets the top spot because of those dark bassy undertones. And when I tell people about this song how do I pronounce the names of these two who made it? "Marvels" and "Gyte-laze"? "Gy-tee-lazz"? Git-Laze, that's it. I got it. Listen here.

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