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Song of the Week - "Not Even Close" - Tina Dico

Tina Dico lives in Iceland but is Danish, and her latest material (Bitte Sma Ryk) is a Danish album recorded in her native tongue. As an American who really, really likes Tina Dico's English language music please go back to 2019's album "Fastland" and listen to the track Not Even Close. Then listen to the whole album. Then go back to Zero 7 if you must and listen to her get her start there -- Sia wasn't the only one who climbed out of that talented camp -- and on to albums like Count To Ten, and A Beginning, A Detour, an Open Ending, and then listen to Where Do You Go To Disappear? If you live in Europe you know who she is, and if you know me you know I want to hear her sing a duet of anything with Roland Orzabal before I die. Lastly I will say I saw her live at the Viper Room in LA in 2004 at a KCRW show when so many people were disrespectfully talking over her intimate set that I wrote a seething email that night when I got home to Nic Harcourt asking him to admonish his listeners into behaving the next time they were in genius presence. Be quiet, audience. And listen.

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