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Peter Hook and The Light with El Ten Eleven at The Warfield - September 10, 2022

Until this concert I hadn't been to any shows where a full album was played in its entirety, nevermind two albums plus a few more tracks done back to back. But when you've been around for decades like Peter Hook has, with a catalog of timeless tracks from two different bands (sidenote where was Pineapple Face from Revenge, Hooky?), you give the people what they want and you play their favorite songs to them for three hours. The Warfield in San Francisco was packed for Hooky and his band The Light, and nobody left disappointed. I started the show in the pit and finished it in the balcony, and people were ecstatic to be there in both spots, singing and dancing first to a handful of New Order tracks like Procession, Everything's Gone Green, and Regret, and then they kept their momentum up for the full Unknown Pleasures and Closer albums. The band finished the three-plus hour show with Dead Souls, Transmission, and Love Will Tear Us Apart, and Hooky's voice was strong the whole time, the band had energy to spare even at the end, and Hooky capped it by taking off his New Order shirt and throwing it into the crowd. Lucky sweaty tosser who caught it. Opening band El Ten Eleven has somehow escaped my radar all these years, but have been an active LA-based duo since the early 2000s and rightly have a deep base of devoted fans. Their musicianship is on point and they're such a tightly performing pair with no vocals, just guitar and drums, equalling a full sound that filled The Warfield and kept people moving. It's great when an opening band does more than just warm up the crowd -- I can only imagine that a big percentage of us went home and YouTubed them and added their songs to playlists just like I did. For a bit of Peter Hook and The Light live on this tour click here, and for a sample of El Ten Eleven click here.

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