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Machine Gun Kelly + Avril Lavigne + Willow at Oakland Arena - July 19, 2022

Updated: Jul 29

MGK, Avril, and Willow came to Oakland Oracle Ring Central Arena on July 19th and put on a big show. Even without Travis Barker mashing his drums behind her, Willow is a strong presence with one lowkey big vibey song in particular - "Some of you might know this!" - Meet Me At Our Spot. Don't know about you but anytime anybody sings about the 405 it's an instant love affair for me. Avril Lavigne got the 40 year old ladies in the crowd up and on their feet and reminiscing to their favorite skater boi hits of the 90s, and finished her set by playing my personal favorite "I'm With You" which I'm glad to say is still super singable - my apologies to the phone chroniclers around me recording it who now have my enthusiastic voice in their videos. Machine Gun Kelly came out on an elaborate ceiling helicopter rig which I was glad didn't fall and crush my skull, but which made for a pretty unique grand entrance, and I have some great spotlit photos of fans screaming/beaming up at him to prove it. The mom in me wants him to slow down his too many days on the road going city to city tour and get some rest because he's got to be tired, but he sure didn't act tired - MGK has energy for days. His voice was strong, his band was great, his stage was slant-pitched in a crazy dynamic way and confetti was deployed. His fans love him for being a mainstream sellout and he no question puts on a great show.

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