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Alanis Morissette + Garbage at Shoreline Amphitheatre - August 6, 2022

Updated: Aug 9

The last night of the Jagged Little Pill tour was a tour de force by icons. Opening with Garbage with Shirley onstage killing it with her pipes and her confidence, Butch Vig with his drumsticks in the air backlit by a spotlight like he should be on the over of Rock Star Monthly, the rest of the guys at the top of their game -- it's the kind of show you don't want to end, one that makes you so joyful that you don't even remember how fifteen minutes earlier the parking lot was terrible and you got mad because one beer at the concession stand cost more than a 24-pack of Budweiser at the local Stop N Shop. Between songs Shirley talked about the state of the world and her own imperative to support girls growing up with rights, access, and personal power, and god forbid anyone in the crowd didn't feel the same way but hearing Shirley be an advocate was important and inspiring. After a short break Alanis and band come out and first of all they're tried and true professionals, she's been doing this since she was just a wee lass, so it's a polished production. But somehow she makes it all fresh. During the show she's hitting notes like nobody else can, her trademark Alanis vocal inflections are on point but also reaching new levels live, and she's headbanging and spinning around like freaking Kristi Yamaguchi on ice after she's already been stalking back and forth across the stage for an hour and a half. The crowd was bonkers for all of this and rightly so - Alanis is a real artist and performer. Her band was fantastic and they all looked and played together like a family, like they were honestly having a great time. One mystery endures from the show, and that's me wondering why Alanis got choked up and shed a little tear in the middle of "Thank U" at the end, but I'll make a guess and chalk it up to it being the last night of the tour. Beginnings, endings - both opportunities for new experiences, with endings like these providing room to breathe and give space for new music from a talent who has never stopped making our favorite songs.

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