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Song of the Week - JJ & The Mood - "How Many Times"

This came to my ears via KCRW and Travis Holcomb's Freaks Only evening radio show, and at first I thought "Is this new Scroobius Pip? Is this some LCD Soundsystem?" So I Shazaamed, and am always surprised when only like a thousand people have shazaamed a really great song, and then I went to IG and saw that JJ only has like 250 followers, and then I looked for a wikipedia entry and found nothing, and so I guess it's just me and a thousand other people who know about this song right now. So let's change that - go hop on YouTube and listen to "How Many Times" when you get a minute. And then tell me you didn't listen to Scroobius Pip's Thou Shalt Not Kill right after.

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